Friday, 25 July 2008

Sukiyaki Western Django Official US Trailer

Eli Roth said about Japanese Director Takashi Miike that his films are punck rock and that he is a true visionary and does things that few other directors would dare. I can but agree! His latest movie, Sukiyaki Western Django, is an amazing mix of samurai swords and guns.

Last but not least Sukiyaki Western Django is starring Quentin Tarantino!

Here below the US official trailer of Sukiyaki Western Django:

From the brilliant mind of Takashi Miike,
Japan's most controversial filmmaker.

The Gunslinger, The Red, The White, The Sheriff, Bloody Benton, The Temptress

A legendary treasure, a bloody rivalry:

The ultimate showdown!


There may be some cheesy talk in this spaghetti western but the graphical input of martial arts choreography makes the movie really explosive.